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Since the devastating earthquakes and tsunami happened in Japan, they have needed our help more than ever. What can we do to help? This blog was created to introduce information and tools to help the victims, rescuers and volunteers are who all working hard to survive.

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Hello everyone, this is Maki #2 of doublemaki. Today I'm excited to share an amazing, truly inspiring story with you.

Shortly after the natural disasters happened in Japan, my boss told me about something that his 6 year old grandson, Luke, did. Luke was so saddened by the tragic news that he felt he should do something to help the victims in Japan out. He first opened up his piggy bank and told his father that he wanted put all of that money in an envelope and address it to Japan right away. His father explained that it doesn't work quite that way and encouraged him to write a note to the victims in Japan.

However, this wasn't enough for Luke and he wanted to do more. Luke lives with a blood disorder called Cooley's Anemia and has his own foundation, The Lukey Foundation so he is no stranger to fundraising. He quickly came up with the idea to draw some pictures in an effort to sell it at his local baseball game. It was a rainy day when he took the pictures to the baseball game so with very few people in the stands, he wasn't able to sell all of the pictures. So his family took the rest to their church and the pastor was able to quickly auction off the remaining pictures. The total money Luke was able to raise came out to and incredible $447.52.

Incidentally, Luke's father works for a Japanese company with branches in America and all over the world. Luke's father shared the story of his amazing 6 year old son and what he did. The president of the company in Japan recently heard about it and was so touched by the story that he wrote about Luke in a mass email to every employee in the company and encouraged them to be inspired by Luke's efforts and to take a moment to consider helping those in need.

This email about Luke in turn raised $750,000 in donations from the employees in this company.

I was so moved by this incredible story and had to share it with all of you in hopes that you will be inspired too. Luke has showed us that even as an individual, we can make a huge difference so we shouldn't be afraid of doing something no matter how small or large the act. Thank you, Luke!!

Please take time to look at the site for The Lukey Foundation HERE.



ルーク君はサラセミアという病気を持っており、The Lukey Foundationというチャリティーをご家族が立ち上げているので前からファンドレイザーなどに何度も経験されています。なので自分も日本のために義捐金を集めたいという気持ちが大きく、ローカルの少年野球の試合で売るためにたくさんの絵を描き始めたそうです。残念ながら絵を試合に持っていった日は雨が降っており、あまり見に来てる人もいなかったため売り残りの絵が何枚からあったそうです。残りの絵はご家族が協会にもって行った所、牧師さんがミサが終わってからオークションしてくださり、なんと合計で$447.52もの義捐金が集まったそうです。




by doublemaki | 2011-05-02 11:22