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Since the devastating earthquakes and tsunami happened in Japan, they have needed our help more than ever. What can we do to help? This blog was created to introduce information and tools to help the victims, rescuers and volunteers are who all working hard to survive.

Please read our first post HEREfor details about the objectives of this blog.



We have an exciting event coming up this Saturday! Common Cents is holding a Penny Harvest Fundraising 5k Run at Stuyvesant Highschool in Manhattan this Saturday. The run will take place along the Hudson in the morning and in the afternoon the students themselves will be having discussions to determine what organizations will receive what amount of the donations that are raised. It's an amazing way to get the students involved, isn't it? What's even more amazing about this event is that this was initially a fundraiser for Common Cents itself, celebrating their 20 year anniversary. However, after the natural disasters occurred in Japan, they quickly changed their event, that they have been spending months to plan, and turned it into a fundraiser for the victims in Japan. It's such an amazing act of kindness.

What's especially exciting to us is that our flags will be handed out to all the runners who cross the finish line to show our thanks for participating in this cause. We are absolutely honored that our flags will be used in such an event!

There will be various shows and foods that will introduce Japanese culture to the participants at the event as well and it should be a good time! So stop by and show your support if you're in the neighborhood! They are also still looking for some volunteers and contributors to the event so please message Naoko Fitzgerald HERE ON FACEBOOK for more information or if you have any questions.

今週の土曜日は大イベントが待ってます!Common Centsと言うNPOがStuyvesant Highschoolでペニーハーベスト5kランを行うそうです!なんと前から企画していたファンドレイザーを急遽日本支援のためのイベントへ変えてくださったそうです。朝にラン、そして午後はなんと学生たちがみんなでディスカッションをしてどこへ集まった義捐金を寄付するかなどを決めるそうです。素敵な企画ですよね。


by doublemaki | 2011-04-27 13:32